Aluminum Alloy shed polycarbonate plate installation key

1. Treatment of leaking water
When Aluminum Alloy carport installed, Water Leakage is a big problem, because the installation is not many manufacturers shed great attention to detail, installation not cautious, Aluminum Alloy shed form many users have Water Leakage problem, another is Aluminum Alloy shed when installation tightness between poly ester carbon plate to do. When Aluminum Alloy shed polycarbonate plate installation we should pay attention to the following 6 key.
Two, plate swell
1, the distance of the screw, according to the thickness of the board, as the appropriate equipment, too small and too large are not good. Too small the distance is sometimes too tight to cause stress and damage.
2, screw holes must be considered in summer and winter season scale polycarbonate plate and thermal expansion and contraction of the different book night. The screw aperture should be 2~4mm larger than the screw, so that the swell space should be reserved.
3. When the direction of the screw hole is too close to the polycarbonate plate, it is very simple to form a broken plate. Aluminum Alloy shed expert Carle thought: extreme screw holes range from marginal polycarbonate plate is more than 2.5 times the diameter of the screw hole.
Three. Plate stress
4, screw not lock too tight, otherwise the deformation and stress.
5, the screw lock on the polycarbonate plate is best not to choose the self tapping screw, otherwise the stress will occur, and the stress increases with the thickness of the plate.
6, in order to reduce the direct pressure of the screw to the material, the gasket can be filled with the cushion. But the PVC washer and some rubber rings will damage the polycarbonate plate, which can not be used.
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