Aluminum Alloy shed time description

When we buy every product, we all consider a question: how long will the product be used and whether it is worth it? Buy carport as an exception. Then Aluminum Alloy shed and for how long? The problem about the function from the beginning Aluminum Alloy shed itself:
1, Aluminum Alloy shed product itself has the characteristics of stability, all use life, compared to other old example of metal structure can shed not so long using life. Especially some bad weather, a lot of pressure strength Aluminum Alloy shed the planning and function can handle, and parking shed on the general material will do great damage by, on the use of life will greatly discount, Aluminum Alloy shed through a variety of experiments, the proof is an Jing mountain.
2, Aluminum Alloy shed a light to excellent, light transmittance reached thirteen percent, while other types such as color steel plate, the light transmittance range, which will shed due to long time exposure to yellow damage, but Aluminum Alloy shed high transmission rate and guaranteed its not such a doubt, from the surrounding surface description is extended the use of life.
3, Aluminum Alloy shed the weight is light, coupled with its plan to architectural fabric, can be deformed and withstand high impact strength, which is the use of Aluminum Alloy shed longer life for a reason, so we gave Aluminum Alloy shed "broken glass" reputation.
4, after all, Aluminum Alloy shed not only by long life than other materials, the planning of beauty was also our love and trust of many customers purchase Aluminum Alloy shed have such feeling, than the rest of the shed, shed from the Aluminum Alloy of planning is still beautiful, are great to us comfortable enjoyment.
We can see that the excellent quality of Aluminum Alloy shed itself function of the hardware, the Aluminum Alloy shed the general use of 20 years is no problem. However, we want to be useful to extend the service life.
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