What are the common advantages of Aluminum Alloy shed

Aluminum Alloy Chepeng is a most excellent material. Why is it excellent? Due to the common advantages of Aluminum Alloy shed with other profiles without.
1, the use of the process, can communicate at any time (i.e. diagonal cable-stayed shed) height, can adjust the inclination, to speed up the drainage, ensure the falling snow bring security problems. And after the material is disassembled, the damage is minimal and the cost of the moving is greatly reduced.
2. The equipment is fast. Aluminum Alloy shed profile is not less, the screw assembly, a morning can complete equipment.
3, can be partially disassembled, repeated use, the material in the partition system will not bring waste to the environment, is a green environmental building materials.
4, pollution-free odor emission, safe and healthy, the equipment can be used immediately after the equipment.
5, fireproof fire, the partition system is made up of aluminum alloy structure, glass, polycarbonate plate and other materials with the same fire resistance.
6, the internal structure can be conveniently laid on the cable. The protection and replacement of the cable are more convenient, the power and weak electricity are more convenient, the cable slot can play the shielding effect of the signal line.
Rely on these 6 advantages, Aluminum Alloy Chepeng successfully occupy a huge market share, become the most trusted consumer products shed.
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