The difference between the Aluminum Alloy shed and hood (Aluminum Alloy shed)

The main skeleton Aluminum Alloy shed all the use of titanium Aluminum Alloy, surface treatment using electrostatic powder coating process, corrosion resistance. The roof materials are imported polycarbonate (also known as PC endurance board and PC sun plate), which can absorb ultraviolet light from the sun.
It is very suitable to protect all kinds of cars, works of art and valuables from ultraviolet radiation. Aluminum Alloy shed long service life, 30 years in the above framework, polycarbonate plate for more than 20 years; snow loading 20 cm, can resist 11 strong winds.
The hood, as an outdoor vehicle protection barrier is a protective building used to protect the vehicle from damage, mainly cover wind, rain, sun, landscaping, anti falling objects and other functions, common in residential buildings, villas, companies, schools, shops, stadiums, factories government agencies, such as outdoor private or public places.
Mainly used in automobiles, electric tricycle, tricycle, electric cars and other mobile vehicles, the main material for canvas, cloth, plastic etc.. The cost is low, it is a kind of popular product.
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